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Responsible Travel

ENC Tours keeps improving its trips by making them more responsible. We strongly believe that together we can do good by supporting local communities and preserving the nature.

In order to support local families in the regions ENC Tours organizes tour programs with participation of locals:

  • Meals at local house (Shemakha)
  • Traditional tea break with local specialties (Kish village)
  • Degustation of Sheki khalva at the house of khalva maker (Sheki)
  • Hand painting of kelaghai (silk scarves) with local master (Sheki)
  • Shebeke (stained glass) master class in local workshop (Sheki)
  • Accommodation and meals at local Guest House (Lahij village)
  • Traditional Yoghurt preparation master-class in local house with local family (Shemakha)
  • Involvement of local traditional folk performers (Lankaran)