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Culinary Master-class:

  • Yogurt Master Class. The authentic name of local yogurt is “qatiq”. Qatiq is usually served with some traditional dishes that usually have vegetables or meat among its ingredients. During this master class you will be able to see and learn how qatiq is prepared and served. In addition, you will have the opportunity to try it out and some other dairy products.


  • Sheki Halva is a traditional sweet and is considered the specialty of Sheki. Authentic halva is prepared in halva shops by a “halvachi”. Each halvachi has its own recipe, which is passed down from generation to generation and kept secret. Doing halva requires a lot of skill, time and patience.


Unique Experience:

  • Shebeke Master Class.  Shebeke in Sheki – is filled windows with colored glasses, created by the Azerbaijani folk artists of small wooden parts without glue and nails. The windows of Sheki Khan Palace are decorated shebeke. And most of residential stone houses XVIII-XIX centuries in Sheki, decorated shebeke.


  • Copper craftsmanship of Lahij is the traditional practice of making and using copperware concentrated in the Lahij community in the Caucasus. The tradition is transmitted within families from father to son. Numerous families in Azerbaijan come to buy copperware in Lahij and use it in their daily lives believing it improves the health benefits of food. For artisans, the tradition represents a major source of living and provides a strong sense of identity and community pride.


  • Master class of kelagai. Kelagai is Azerbaijani women’s national headscarf made from fine and soft silk in a four-cornered shape. Kelagai was an integral part of women’s national costume in Azerbaijan. Silk kelagai protected them from both the hot sun and cold wind as silk is cool in summer and warm in winter. Basqal settlement of the Ismayilli region was famous for high quality kelagai production.