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Gobustan preserve is located in the eastern part of Azerbaijan, in the area of the Boyukdash, Kichikdash and Jingirdagh Mountains of Greater Gobustan. The Gobustan preserve is widely known, not only in our Republic but also worldwide, for its rock engravings and monuments of primitive culture. These monuments are ancient drawings, cupules for preparing drinks and gathering rain water, two-sided hollows for tying-up animals, signs, tamgas, ancient inscriptions and so on. Revealed and registered on more than a thousand rocks and stones these monuments were created by ancient man and are the reflection of his agricultural and intellectual activity. The Petroglyphs of Gobustan are artistic chronicles of the past. They bear great importance both for the study of the pre-history of humanity and for the study of lots of spheres of primitive art: graphics, music, dance, stone processing, etc. Gobustan’s monuments cover a period of approximately 20 thousands years beginning from the end of Upper Paleolith till the beginning of our era.